Vortex IQ offers an AI-powered platform that generates and implements actionable insights, enhancing e-commerce performance using proprietary enterprise data.

Innovation and Conversion Enhancement: Leveraging AI, Vortex IQ’s proprietary technology directly addresses the industry-wide challenge of low conversion rates, currently at 2-3%. By integrating our unified analytics platform, we facilitate rapid deployment and iterative enhancements that significantly boost conversion rates.

  • Unified Analytics Platform: Integrates disparate data sources, offering validated and actionable recommendations directly to merchants.
  • Streamlined Implementation: Our platform reduces the dependency on extensive development resources, accelerating enhancements and boosting conversion rates,
  • Target Market: Specifically tailored for B2B e-commerce, providing a scalable solution that addresses core inefficiencies and maximizes ROI.
Strategic Advantage
  • Our platform empowers merchants to rapidly deploy recommendations and automate the testing and deployment workflow, significantly enhancing conversion rates and providing a substantial competitive edge